Should Oil be Stored in The Fridge?

Vegetable oil is used in the preparation of various dishes. To make all dishes delicious and to everyone’s taste, adhering to simple rules for storing oil. Should it be fridge or not? Let’s figure it out!

First to the main thing! Many people are convinced that a bottle of oil should be placed in the refrigerator after opening. Experts explain that such oil should not be exposed to frequent temperature changes.

If desired, the bottle of oil after opening can be placed in the fridge, finding a place for it where the product will not be subjected to excessive cooling.

In this case, it is better to choose the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Outside the refrigerator, sunflower oil should be stored in a closed place that is not adjacent to the stove or battery – such a place should receive cool air. Also, the oil must be kept in the dark – in the light, being open, it begins to oxidize quickly.

Store vegetable oil should be at a temperature of 5-20 Celsius or 40-65 Fahrenheit.

And now let’s formulate the main rules on how to properly store open oil.

How to store oil – rules

  • Oil must be stored at the correct temperature. As we wrote above, do not store it in extreme cold, as it can get supercooled, and also do not leave it in a hot place. At low or high temperatures, sunflower or olive oil loses vitamins and useful elements. If stored incorrectly, it can become unhealthy and unfit for human consumption. The best quality oil retains at a storage temperature of +5 to +20 degrees.
  • Keep the oil out of direct sunlight. Retinol or vitamin A and other trace elements are destroyed by exposure to the sun. After use, do not leave the oil on the table or near the window, it is better to put it in the kitchen shelf.
  • Try to use a bottle of sunflower, olive, or any other vegetable oil within 3-4 weeks of opening it. If the oil is continued to be used after the specified period, then the substances included in its composition will lose their beneficial properties.
  • Oil should be stored in its original packaging or in glass containers.
  • To preserve the beneficial properties of vegetable oil, pour it into a dark glass bottle after purchase. Storage in such a container will protect the oil from the formation of harmful substances and extend the shelf life.

Comments (4)

  • Evgeniy

    I think that if you open the oil and start using it, after you put it in your refrigerator, then nothing will happen to it, since it is not subject to a high temperature drop, as it is written here, because when cooking you take it out of the refrigerator masta, use it and put it back where it was.

  • Jack

    In general, sunflower oil is quite an unpretentious food product and nothing will happen to it. I have never experienced difficulties with oil during its storage. The only thing is that it does not need to be exposed to the sun’s rays.

  • Alex

    I somehow got used to storing sunflower oil in the fridge. I do it without thinking. You may say I’m crazy, but I keep bread in the fridge too. In my opinion, it’s all just a matter of habit.

  • Helen

    Great idea! i always keep all bottles of oil in the fridge while leaving on summer.

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