Cabbage Pie Recipe

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  • 12Servings
  • 2:0 hPrep Time
  • 30 mCook Time
  • 2:30 hReady In
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A pie with cabbage is a traditional pastry of Ukrainian cuisine. In fact, this is one of the types of closed pie with filling, which can combine several products at once. It can be just cabbage, or cabbage with meat or mushrooms.
The filling in our pie is stewed cabbage. Today we will cook it with chicken. You can omit the chicken, or substitute for mushrooms. It is advisable to cook the stewed cabbage with meat in advance so that the filling has time to cool.


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Step by step method

  • Take products for making a cabbage pie.

  • Fry the onion sliced ​​in half rings until lightly golden.

  • Cut the meat into small pieces.

  • Put the diced meat to the pan with fried onion and fry over high heat until the meat pieces turn white. Immediately turn off the fire. Then add some salt, pepper and mix.

  • Grate carrots.

  • Finely chop the cabbage (it is better to do this with a special shredder).

  • Salt cabbage, carrots and mix directly in a bowl.

  • Transfer the vegetable mass to a separate pan.

  • Fry without a lid (otherwise it will be boiled) until it acquires a beautiful golden color.

  • Combine cabbage with meat and leave to cool on a plate.

  • For the dough, put all the ingredients, except flour, into warm milk.

  • Lastly, sift the flour.

  • Knead the dough directly in the bowl, and then on the table. Lightly grease the bowl with some vegetable oil, put the dough there and leave it warm, covered with a towel or lid.

  • After an hour, the dough will rise enough.

  • It is better to roll out the base for the pie immediately on parchment for baking, so that the finished product can be easily dragged onto a baking sheet without deforming. Put a slightly warm cabbage filling in the center on an elongated layer.

  • On opposite sides, make oblique cuts 1 cm wide.

  • Tighten the ends first, and then alternately braid the strips with a pigtail.

  • Drag the cabbage pie along with parchment onto a baking sheet and leave to proof.

  • After 15 minutes, grease the top with yolk, decorate with sesame seeds.

  • At 180 degrees, the cabbage pie will be baked in about half an hour.

  • Such an original cabbage pie turns out to be very satisfying, it can be a nutritious snack, lunch or dinner.

Tips & variations

  • Yeast dough is often used for cabbage pie, but puff pastry or any pastry you like can also be used.

  • As mentioned above, the filling can be different: meat, rice, eggs, mushrooms, and so on. Combination options are entirely up to you!

  • The shape of the cabbage pie can be anything: rectangular, oval and even portioned. The top layer of the pie can be greased with an egg, only with yolk, or you can make decorations from the rest of the dough.

  • Cabbage pie is versatile - it can be served both as an appetizer and as a main course.

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