Wonderful Sand Cake With Jam – a Classic Recipe

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  • 6Servings
  • 40 mPrep Time
  • 40 mCook Time
  • 1:20 hReady In
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Crumbly and sweet, crispy and tender – it’s all about sand cake. Baking for different occasions, which always turns out for everyone. The main thing is to use a proven recipe. We offer a simple version of a shortbread cake with jam.

Use this recipe when you want something sweet here and now. Or if the guests are already on the doorstep. A piece of delicious cake will make the evening cozy and will become a lifesaver in any situation.

The dough recipe may vary slightly, but one thing remains the same – it always contains butter or margarine. The finished dough almost always needs to be cleaned in the cold so that it gets stronger and becomes crumbly after baking.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    In a suitable bowl, send pieces of butter, eggs, sugar. Grind until smooth with a mixer.

  • Step 2

    Salt and beat again with a mixer. Mix baking powder with flour, sift.

  • Step 3

    Combine butter and flour mixtures. Mix with a spatula, then knead the dough with your hands. Pinch off about a third, wrap in cling film, send to the freezer.

  • Step 4

    Sprinkle the remaining dough with flour, roll out with a rolling pin, carefully transfer to a baking sheet or into a mold. Make small borders. Spread the jam evenly over the base.

  • Step 5

    Sprinkle evenly with chopped walnuts. This step is optional so you can skip it. Grate the dough from the freezer on top. By this time it will have hardened a little and will rub well.

  • Step 6

    Send the grated cake to the oven. It is prepared for about 40-50 minutes at 200 degrees, you can navigate along the ruddy edges. When cool, cut into portions.

Tips & variations

  • You can bake a cake with any jam, it always turns out tasty and fragrant. The main thing is that the filling is thick enough. If the jam with berries or fruits is watery, you can kill it with a blender.

  • To prepare the dough, you can take butter and margarine in equal proportions.

  • You need to bake the cake in a well-heated oven, then the grated dough will quickly grab and will not lose its beautiful shape.

  • To prevent jam or juicy years from flowing out, 1-2 teaspoons of starch can be added to the filling.

  • When freezing the dough in the freezer, it is better to wrap it in cling film.

  • When the top layer of baking is lightly browned, check it for readiness: pierce with a wooden skewer in several places, if the skewer comes out dry, then the form (or baking sheet) can be removed from the oven.

  • It is necessary to remove the cake from the mold after it has completely cooled, otherwise it will break.

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