Recipe For One Wonderful Warm Mushroom Salad With Tomatoes

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  • 2Servings
  • 10 mPrep Time
  • 30 mCook Time
  • 40 mReady In
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Traditionally, warm salads consist of vegetables and a warm component (it can be meat, mushrooms, fish or seafood), as well as dressings with cheese. Today we will teach you how to cook a warm mushroom salad. The dish turns out not only hearty, but also tender. Lemon juice will give a special taste and sour note. The melted cheese looks so appetizing with tomatoes and mushrooms that the dish looks fantastic.

Prepare this salad following all the requirements and recommendations – and your guests will be amazed at how beautifully, skillfully and tasty you managed to create this culinary masterpiece.

Champignons are low-calorie mushrooms. This means that the benefits of the salad will be triple: tasty, satisfying and safe for the figure!


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    We clean the mushrooms - remove the skin from them.

  • Step 2

    Then you need to cut the mushrooms into fairly large pieces. In the process of frying, they noticeably decrease in size. Boil the mushrooms for a few minutes in salted and boiling water.

  • Step 3

    You can use any onion in the recipe: shallot or more tender leek. After cleaning and washing it under running water, cutting it, send it to fry in vegetable oil in a pan.

  • Step 4

    By the time the onion turns golden, the mushrooms will be ready. Gently transfer them to the onion with a slotted spoon.

  • Step 5

    Season with salt and mix.

  • Step 6

    Melt some butter in another bowl. If you like garlic, you can peel it and add it.

  • Step 7

    Wash and cut the tomatoes, add them to the garlic with oil.

  • Step 8

    Once the tomatoes turn into tomato puree, mix them with flour and breadcrumbs.

  • Step 9

    Add pepper, ginger, salt, paprika.

  • Step 10

    Combine the mushrooms and tomato sauce without turning off the heat.

  • Step 11

    Add lemon juice, it will give the dish a sour note. Mix and add grated cheese.

  • Step 12

    Cover the pan with a lid. Let the cheese melt for a few minutes. Turn off the stove.

  • Step 13

    Sprinkle the finished salad with chopped dill and you can at once serve it to the table!

Tips & variations

  • You can change the ingredients in the dish at your discretion. For example, instead of fresh tomatoes, add tomato paste. It won't make the taste worse.

  • Eggplant goes well with mushrooms, so they will also not be superfluous in a salad.

  • The salad is eaten hot. If it's cold, heat it up in a pan or microwave.

  • To save time, you can add marinated mushrooms instead of fried ones to the salad.

  • Any cheese can be used. The main thing is that it melts well.

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  • Diana

    Very interesting. This dish is something new for me. I love mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese. I will definitely try to cook tomorrow, I will please my family. I hope they enjoy this recipe. Because my family also loves the combination of mushrooms and cheese.

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