How to Make the Perfect Popcorn Recipe in a Pan

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Delicious popcorn is a snack that brings adults and children together. It is unlikely that anyone will refuse to crunch on the weekend with fragrant corn grains that are about to open. Usually popcorn is bought at the cinema, but there the treat is unreasonably expensive and often its price is higher than the ticket itself. We will show you how to save on entertainment and at the same time not deny yourself the pleasure! We share the perfect popcorn recipe.

Popkorn recipe at home

You can arrange an inexpensive vacation at home: choose a good family movie and cook popcorn in a pan. The main thing is to find corn grains in the store, and all the other ingredients will probably be in your kitchen. How to cook delicious popcorn in a pan and what to do so that it does not burn, read below.

Tips for making the perfect popcorn recipe

  • If you have several pans at home for different purposes, choose the largest one, because popcorn needs a lot of free space. For best results, use cast iron cookware.
  • One of the main conditions for frying popcorn is the presence of a lid for the pan, which will fit snugly to the edges. Without it, nothing will come of it, since the grains, when heated, will burst and scatter in different directions.
  • Corn kernels do not need to be pre-washed; good popcorn requires perfectly dry kernels. If, nevertheless, additional cleaning is required, remove excess specks with a sieve.
  • You can choose the taste of popcorn yourself. Next, we share recipes for sweet and savory snacks. Try both options and decide which one is closer to you.

Now it remains only to prepare delicious popcorn according to our recipe.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    The first step is to make sure the corn kernels are dry. If they are even slightly damp, dry the raw materials. To do this, spread the grains on clean paper and leave in a dry, ventilated place.

  • Step 2

    In a pan, heat 1 tbsp. of oil. When it starts to crackle a little, add a third of the corn and lower the heat to medium. Popcorn should be cooked in small portions so that the grains warm up evenly and burst. Cover the pan with a lid. Soon the seeds will begin to “shoot” strongly (Our advise you to use a glass lid, it will be convenient to follow the process, and the sight is interesting).

  • Step 3

    When the process comes to naught, remove the pan from the heat. Pour the popped corn into a dry container, pour the vegetable fat back into the pan and repeat the procedure with a new portion.

  • Step 4

    When all the grains become airy, mix them with powdered sugar.

  • Step 5

    By the way, cooking popcorn at home allows you to experiment and add not only sugar, but also salt, various spices to it.

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