It’s Just Amazing – Roasted Pumpkin Recipe with Apple and Orange

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  • 2Servings
  • 30 mPrep Time
  • 60 mCook Time
  • 1:30 hReady In
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Delicate and fragrant roasted pumpkin recipe with apple and orange is a healthy dessert that will be appreciated by loved ones. It is much healthier and even tastier than store-bought snacks. Yes, and it is prepared from simple products.

Muscat pumpkin, for example, butternut squash, is best suited for the dish, it has a pronounced taste, aroma and delicate structure.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Soak raisins in boiling water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the apples from the core and cut into medium-sized cubes. Can be peeled if desired.

  • Step 2

    Pour boiling water over the orange, peel it, cut the pulp into slices. Cut the pumpkin into two parts and remove the seeds.

  • Step 3

    Put a mixture of apples, oranges and raisins in a pumpkin bowl. Sprinkle with sugar to taste.

  • Step 4

    Here we put the butter, cut into pieces. We pack the pumpkin in a sleeve, seal it on both sides.

  • Step 5

    We put in the oven to bake at 180-190 degrees for an hour. Before serving, remove from the sleeve and transfer to a large plate. The dessert is very juicy and tasty.

Tips & variations

  • The tastiest of all according to this recipe is a pumpkin of sweet varieties. But the usual one can be prepared safely, because sugar will be used during baking.

  • To make the dessert extremely healthy, you can replace sugar with honey. It is both tastier and healthier.

  • For a unique flavor, you can sprinkle the dish with a pinch of cinnamon before baking.

  • For those who are on a diet, you can replace butter with vegetable oil.

  • You can bake a pumpkin in an open form. Then it will not be so juicy and will take more time to cook.

  • If there is no orange, you can replace it with lemon slices (only in smaller quantities and add more sugar). Or just sprinkle the pumpkin with lemon juice. It will give the dish a pleasant sourness.

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