Awesome and Easy Pineapple Salad with Smoked Chicken for Holiday

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  • 4Servings
  • 10 mPrep Time
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Pineapple salad is a very tasty and original snack dish. It is not prepared very often, mainly for some special celebrations, but when this happens, a real holiday comes.

Pineapple salad with chicken and tomatoes will surprise everyone with its incredible flavor. And a great combination of smoked meat and sweet and sour exotic fruit will make it taste amazing.

The combination of sweet pineapples with other products is just a godsend for interesting snacks. They are often prepared only on holidays. But if you want to treat yourself to something delicious on a weekday, do not postpone cooking until later. Just take note of some tips and tricks:

  • Pineapple is a juicy fruit and quickly gives up its juices to the rest of the ingredients, so mayonnaise should be used less than usual.
  • Due to the high juiciness, canned fruits must be squeezed out of the syrup before chopping, otherwise the salad will “float”.
  • If the salad is puff, it is advisable to form it with a special ring and carefully tamp each layer.
  • Cheese, eggs, boiled or smoked chicken meat, ham and even ordinary boiled sausage are ideally combined with pineapples.
  • To make the salad more satisfying, you can add boiled potatoes or rice to its composition.
  • Pickled onions and garlic will add piquancy to the snack dish. The latter can be passed through a press and mixed with mayonnaise.

Pineapple salad is a very tasty, hearty and original dish that will take its rightful place on the festive and everyday table.

Cook with us and enjoy a delicious meal!


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    We take the products that are needed for cooking. Let's boil the eggs right away.

  • Step 2

    Cut the smoked chicken meat into small pieces and place on a flat plate.

  • Step 3

    We cut the canned pineapple into medium cubes and put it on top.

  • Step 4

    Grease evenly with mayonnaise.

  • Step 5

    We cut the tomatoes in the same cubes and make the next layer.

  • Step 6

    Peel the hard-boiled eggs and finely chop over the tomatoes. Leave a little egg white for decoration.

  • Step 7

    Then again grease with mayonnaise sauce.

  • Step 8

    From above, through the medium grater, rub the remaining egg white. We decorate as desired. It turns out a tender and juicy salad that will decorate the daily and festive table with its appetizing appearance.

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