Wonderful Cheese Pancakes (Syrniki) with Raisins in the Oven

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  • 4Servings
  • 10 mPrep Time
  • 25 mCook Time
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Do you think syrniki can only be fried in a pan? No, many bake cheese pancakes in the oven. And they do it right. After all, it is convenient, useful and fast.

Syrniki in the oven are a real find for breakfast. The beauty of the dish lies in the fact that baking in the oven can take place without your participation (in the worst case, you will have to turn the products over once). Thus, the hostess gets at her disposal half an hour of free time, the value of which in the morning is difficult to overestimate.

You don’t have to worry about the condition of cheesecakes in the oven: they definitely won’t burn there, unless, of course, you forget about them. To avoid this, use a timer! Its signal will notify you that delicious, lush and tender syrniki are ready to please you with their perfect look and taste.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    To make the raisins softer, pour boiling water over them in advance for about 50-60 minutes (you can do this overnight, then the raisins will be ready for use in the morning). Squeeze the curd from excess whey and mix with sugar.

  • Step 2

    Sift the flour here and put the steamed berries. Mix thoroughly to get a homogeneous mass.

  • Step 3

    Add vanillin, knead, form balls with your hands. Cover the baking dish with foil or parchment.

  • Step 4

    We lay out the blanks, give the shape of cakes. We send it to the oven, heated to 180-190 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Ready syrniki are obtained with a light crust, and inside are very soft and tender.

Tips & variations

  • Use only very fresh cottage cheese for syrniki, otherwise the unpleasant sourness, which, as a rule, cannot be masked with a lot of sugar, will ruin everything.

  • Cottage cheese should be medium fat, not too wet and not too dry. Too wet cottage cheese can be thrown into a sieve and allowed to drain excess moisture, and to get a more delicate velvety texture, beat it with a blender. Very dry cottage cheese is also not suitable for cooking, so it should be slightly diluted with kefir, milk or sour cream.

  • We did not use eggs in this recipe. But if you want to be sure that syrniki do not spread during baking, add 1-2 eggs to the cottage cheese. The eggs hold the ingredients together.

  • Don't try to make syrniki too sweet, as the sugar turned into syrup will make them go sour and require a lot of flour.

  • For piquancy, the dough can be flavored with a pinch of salt, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom or saffron. You can also serve syrniki with fresh fruits, berries, jam and condensed milk.

  • Flour in syrniki can be replaced with semolina. In this case, you need to let the dough stand for 10-20 minutes so that the semolina swells.

  • The dough for syrniki should resemble a thick curd mass in consistency so that you can easily roll up balls that would not stick to your hands.

  • To prepare delicious syrniki , you can add additional ingredients to the cottage cheese - coconut, poppy seeds, dried fruits, dried cranberries or lingonberries, pieces of fruit, nuts or grated carrots.

  • After turning off the oven, syrniki must stand in it for at least five minutes, otherwise they will fall off sharply and lose their appetizing splendor.

  • As an unusual addition to syrniki, you can use a delicious sauce that is prepared in a minute. Break up your favorite chocolate, melt it with a little milk in the microwave and serve.

Comments (2)

  • Alex

    Hello.Looking for a recipe for cheesecakes! And I came across a miracle.I do not really know how to cook, but made all this recipe is very tasty, to be honest I did not know that cheesecakes can be so tasty.Thank you.

  • Aylin

    Very tasty cheesecakes, our family’s favorite dish. This recipe won my heart with its simplicity.
    Thank you so much!

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