Heart Shaped Buns

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  • 6Servings
  • 2:40 hPrep Time
  • 20 mCook Time
  • 3:0 hReady In
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Soft, sweet heart-shaped buns are associated with childhood for some, and romance for others. It doesn’t matter if you want to cook it for their child or your loved one, everyone will be delighted!

The dough for these heart-shaped buns is filled with a large amount of butter, eggs and sugar. Yeast can be used both fresh and dry. Such a dough is difficult to rise, so make it strictly following the recommendations. So let’s get started!


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Pour the yeast into the warmed milk and leave for 15 minutes to dissolve in the liquid.

  • Step 2

    Add salt, a teaspoon of sugar and a glass of flour.

  • Step 3

    Stir. Put the dough for half an hour in a warm place to rise.

  • Step 4

    Put eggs in another container, pour sugar (180 g).

  • Step 5

    Whisk with a whisk until bubbles appear.

  • Step 6

    Melt the butter in the microwave. Pour it into the bowl with eggs, mix.

  • Step 7

    Combine the mixture with the dough.

  • Step 8

    After mixing, add the rest of the flour.

  • Step 9

    As you may have noticed, the recipe indicates the approximate amount of flour. How much flour to put in the dough depends on its quality, the size of the eggs, and also on how liquid the butter turns out after melting. Therefore, it is recommended to pour three cups of flour first, and then add the rest of the flour during the kneading process.

  • Step 10

    The end result should be a soft, slightly sticky dough. A well-kneaded dough will easily move away from the walls of the dish, only slightly sticking to your hands. Transfer the dough to a larger bowl.

  • Step 11

    Cover the dish with a lid, leave in a warm place for two hours. During this time, the dough will rise well.

  • Step 12

    Pour a handful of flour on the table, lay out the dough, knead well again. Put it back in the bowl and let it rise one last time. Put the dough back on the table, but do not knead.

  • Step 13

    Divide it into pieces the size of a large chicken egg.

  • Step 14

    Bend the edges of each piece towards the middle, forming a ball.

  • Step 15

    Cover the balls with a towel and let them rise. Preheat the oven to 210°. Now proceed to the formation of hearts. Roll out the dough into a layer. Lubricate with vegetable oil, sprinkle with sugar.

  • Step 16

    Roll the dough into a roll.

  • Step 17

    Pinch it on all sides. You will get such a pie.

  • Step 18

    Connect its ends together.

  • Step 19

    Rotate so that the side is on top. With a sharp knife, make an incision 3/4 length almost to the bottom.

  • Step 20

    Unfold the bun in the form of a book. You will get a cute heart.

  • Step 21

    Sometimes the first time it may not come out quite neat, so touch it up with a knife, cutting the layers of dough in the middle. Transfer the hearts to a baking sheet covered with parchment, cover with a towel, put in a warm place for 15-20 minutes.

  • Step 22

    Lubricate well-risen hearts with an egg beaten with a teaspoon of water. Bake the buns for 20 minutes until golden brown.

  • Step 23

    Cover the finished pastry with a thin towel and cool until slightly warm. Hearts turn out beautiful, with a surface shiny from melted sugar, quite sweet.

  • Step 24

    If the cooled buns are placed in the microwave for half a minute, they will become as fresh.

Comments (4)

  • Karina

    Oooh, these are buns from my childhood! Thanks for the recipe!

    • admin

      As we say in Ukraine – To your health!

  • Alexey

    This is an excellent recipe. I tried it too and it turned out the same as you.

  • Alexey

    This is an excellent recipe. I tried it too and it turned out the same as you. Thanks a lot.

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