Mackerel Rolls with Carrots – A New Recipe For Everyone

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  • 30 mPrep Time
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Mackerel is a healthy fish and is often found in our stores. Many delicious dishes are prepared from it. But the most unusual and spectacular is the mackerel rolls, which can decorate any holiday table. It is not difficult to prepare it at all, and what is important, it can be done in advance.

Mackerel, due to its bright taste, is a favorite delicacy of many. Especially useful is fish baked in foil with vegetable filling. During this cooking method, vitamins, macro- and microelements, which mackerel is so rich in, are preserved as much as possible. Vegetables give the dish an exquisite taste, and the original shape and serving will make even the festive table rich.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    We'll wash the fish. We cut off the head, fins, cut the abdomen and get rid of the insides. Let's take off all the black films. Pull out the spine and all the bones. Dry with a napkin. Salt, pour lemon juice and add spices. Let the fish marinate. Try not to abuse spices, because mackerel has a bright taste, the enhancement of which is unnecessary.

  • Step 2

    Grind the onion with a knife, rub the carrots on a coarse grater.

  • Step 3

    Fry the vegetables separately over low heat. Add a little sugar to the carrots, this will give it a rich golden-orange color.

  • Step 4

    Prepare a baking dish and foil. Put the mackerel on the foil, spread the vegetables on top in a thin layer. Roll up the roll and tighten with foil so that it is convenient to unroll in the oven for baking a golden crust.

  • Step 5

    We will send the form to the oven (180 °) for half an hour (twisted mackerel is baked a little longer than the traditional version).

  • Step 6

    After 15-20 minutes, unfold the foil, apply a few strokes of mayonnaise on the surface and let it brown.

  • Step 7

    The roll can be served hot as a main dish. You can cool, cut into portions and offer as an appetizer. Lemon and cranberries and, of course, a pinch of fresh herbs are ideal for decoration.

Tips & variations

  • Mackerel usually comes to our kitchens fresh-frozen and it is easier to carve the fish when it has not yet completely thawed, but remains a little hard inside.

  • First, cut off the head and tail with a knife, and cut off all the fins. Then cut open the belly and take out the insides, paying particular attention to the fact that there is not a piece of black film left that lines the inside of the fish.

  • The film can be easily removed with a regular paper towel, which is used to thoroughly wipe the fish after it has been washed in cold water.

  • Mackerel is salted and seasoned quite a bit. As a seasoning, you can use black pepper, suneli hops or coriander.

  • Twist the fish very tightly and wrap it well with foil so that it does not unwind.

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