How to Cook a Beautiful Fluffy Omelette For Breakfast

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  • 2Servings
  • 5 mPrep Time
  • 10 mCook Time
  • 15 mReady In
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For many people, fluffy omelette is their favorite breakfast food. But few people know how to cook it so that it is magnificent and does not settle down after a while.

This recipe has a secret – you should add a little starch to the egg-milk mixture and beat all the ingredients well.

To consolidate the result, you need to fry the omelette over low heat, covering the pan with a lid. How to do it correctly will show the recipe, accompanied by a detailed description and photo of each step.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Pour the required amount of milk into a deep plate.

  • Step 2

    Pour a pinch of salt and a spoonful of starch. It is advisable to sift the starch so that there are no lumps.

  • Step 3

    Mix thoroughly with a whisk to get a homogeneous mixture.

  • Step 4

    Then break two eggs into the same bowl. Beat the contents again until smooth.

  • Step 5

    Heat a frying pan on the stove and throw a piece of butter into it. You can also use sunflower oil, but it will not be as tasty.

  • Step 6

    Pour the egg-milk mixture, fry on the slowest fire, covered with a lid, but observe the state.

  • Step 7

    When the bottom side is well browned, very carefully turn the omelette over with a spatula and turn off the heat. Keep it on the stove for a couple more minutes.

  • Step 8

    The omelet should be served hot. The best addition would be a vegetable salad, sausages, toast, bacon. In general, everything that is still in the fridge.

Tips & variations

  • Use a thick-walled frying pan with high sides and a lid. It can maintain a constant temperature for a long time. Thus, the omelette is well "steamed" and does not burn.

  • Starting to prepare the omelette mass, keep in mind that you need to adhere to the ratio of 50/50. This means that the amounts of milk and eggs should be the same in volume.

  • Whisk eggs and milk with a whisk only. In no case is it a mixer. This is very important for creating the correct structure of the omelette.

  • Do not forget that the omelette mass poured onto a heated pan should be at least 3 cm thick, then the finished omelette will rise to 4-4.5 cm.

  • Do not leave the prepared omelette mass for a long time. It should be in a hot pan immediately after mixing the ingredients. Otherwise, the omelet may not rise and turn out to be heavy.

  • Pieces of vegetables, meat, cheese, mushrooms, the content of which in the omelette mass should not exceed 40-50 percent, can dilute the omelet.

  • Do not open the lid of the pan during cooking, otherwise the omelette will fall due to a sharp drop in temperature. Therefore, it is desirable that the lid of your pan is transparent. Thanks to this, you can determine the readiness of the omelette without opening it.

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