We Share How to Cook Fantastic Pickled Korean Pumpkin

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A spicy marinade will help turn korean pumpkin into an unusual dish that will impress guests. To create such a snack, you only need a few products that can be found in almost every kitchen.

The main thing is to choose a juicy, ripe and bright pumpkin, without flaws and damage. It gives taste of the finished dish, makes it spicy and nutritious.

Marinated orange sticks can be served with banal scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, porridge, barbecue and chop. It will serve as an excellent addition to the creation of burgers, hot sandwiches and various salads.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Shred the pulp of a ripe vegetable into thin sticks. If desired, it can be crushed with a special grater.

  • Step 2

    Finely chop the garlic or squeeze it through a press, put it in a bowl with the main ingredient.

  • Step 3

    Pour the required rate of vinegar (9%).

  • Step 4

    Add recommended spices.

  • Step 5

    Add salt and sugar. The latter can be replaced with a spoonful of liquid honey.

  • Step 6

    At the next stage, pour in vegetable oil (preferably odorless).

  • Step 7

    Thoroughly mix all the ingredients so that the pumpkin slices are evenly saturated with the marinade.

  • After 2 hours, serve pickled pumpkin with any side dish.

Tips & variations

  • To keep winter blanks as long as possible, it is recommended to store them at an average temperature of + 8 °. For this, a pantry or basement is suitable.

  • For cooking, choose a pumpkin strong and resilient. The peel should be free of stains, dents and mold.

  • You should buy only whole fruits. A pumpkin cut into pieces may be rotten or dried out.

  • The medium-sized fruit is the sweetest. The ideal weight is between 3-5 kilograms. Larger specimens have a fibrous pulp with a bitter taste that will spoil the taste.

  • For conservation and food, you need to use a table variety or nutmeg pumpkin.

  • When cutting, pay attention to the flesh. It should be bright orange, fleshy and firm.

  • The stalk will tell about the maturity of the pumpkin. If it is dry and dark, then the vegetable is ripe.

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